Norfolk County Council Fostering

Reaching all 7 local authority districts with AdSmart


Norfolk Country Council wanted to promote their foster care services throughout all 7 of their local authority districts, in order to generate enquiries and to recruit new foster cares.


The campaign objectives were clear:

To increase awareness of the Norfolk County Council fostering scheme.
To generate more enquiries, that would lead to foster cares throughout Norfolk.
To myth bust who can be a foster carer.


Norfolk Country Council matched their own Experian mosaic to their AdSmart campaign to target people who are most likely to make an enquiry to become a full-time foster care from the Norfolk area. We also utilised heat mapping software to enabling us to ensure each of the 7 local authority districts had the correct catch up uptake.

Top Line Results

As a direct result of running with a AdSmart TV advertising campaign the fostering team from Norfolk County Country saw an increase in:

  • Enquiries were significantly higher in January almost double the previous years number following the AdSmart campaign.
  • A greater quality of enquiries from people who viewed the advert.
  • A larger conversation rate from people who enquired onto taking the next step.
  • The TV commercial raised awareness in people who had previously thought about fostering but had not pursued making an enquiry, leading them to make contact.
  • The TVC was well received by our foster carers who were unaware how the AdSmart platform worked – which added us running further campaigns due to the commercial running in their homes. Proving the Mosaic data worked and aligned with our Foster Carer’s key attributes.
    Client Quote

Client Quote

“As a direct result of running with our first ever TV Advertising campaign using AdSmart, we saw the highest number of enquiries from people wanting to become a foster carer, which was significantly higher than the normal level of enquiries for our campaigns we run every January.

Scott McKay – Fostering Marketing Manager at Norfolk County Council

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